Why we love Xenteo Eco


Superior performance

System-on-chip technology hosting a Linux OS

Card reader@2x

Hybrid manual card reader

Chip-card and triple-track magstripe card reader


Unrivalled transaction speed

More payments in less time

Low Power@2x

Low power consumption

Awesome energy efficiency


Easy indoor and outdoor installation

Start accepting payments faster


Multiple use cases

This unattended terminal is perfect for ticket machines, petrol stations, kiosks, self-service checkouts, and a variety of other indoor and outdoor unattended environments.


Tough and durable

The Xenteo Eco’s high-impact-resistant polymer housing and metal keypad make it weatherproof and tamperproof. A sophisticated removal detection system puts the reader in a tampered state to counter fraud attempts when the contact between the integration place and the reader is interrupted.

User centric@2x

User-centric design

Your customers will be able to complete their payments in no time thanks to the Xenteo Eco’s user-friendly design features, including an intelligent keypad and an anti-reflective backlit display.

Payment security@2x

Ultimate in payment security

The Xenteo Eco offers top-level security and performance, AFAS (anti-phishing, anti-skimming protection), and complies with international security standards, including PCI PED and EMV.

Discover all that the
Xenteo Eco has to offer.