unattended solutions

unattended solutions

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Add 24/7 convenience of self-service payment acceptance to your unattended locations.


Ingenico Iself-Service Unattended Solutions. Add 24/7 convenience of self-service payment acceptance to your unattended locations. No longer confined to time zones, retail hours or cash transactions, consumers are increasingly opting to serve themselves. Now, accepting secure electronic payment from unattended self-serve locations has never been easier, thanks to Ingenico’s iSelf-Service product series. Modular compact and rugged to meet the demands of any indoor or outdoor self-service scenario including parking, drive-through, ticketing, fuel, transportation and vending. iSelf-Service devices are weather and vandalism-resistant in even the most challenging climates and locations.


  • Leverage Ingenico unattended solutions to easily integrate cashless payment in your self-service business.
  • Accept all payment means and comply with the latest standards.
  • Cut complexity in payment and security.
  • Address all self-service market segments: Retail, Hospitality, Petrol, Vending and Transportation.


XENTEO® is the universal unattended payment solution for virtually any application, in any type of environment: vending machine, kiosk, petrol station, or self-check-out. The terminal introduces a user-centric design that promotes self-payment to the cardholder through its ergonomic design, back-lit display and keypad.

The high-impact-resistant polymer technology, combined with metal keypad, creates a ruggedized terminal that withstands tough outdoor conditions. Ease of installation and maintenance is assured through accessible interfaces, intuitive guidance and compact design. With its on-board Ethernet modem and interfaces for ISDN, PSTN and GSM/GPRS, XENTEO is the ideal flexible solution for unattended payment. Unmatched performance is guaranteed by Banksys’ System-on-Chip technology, hosting a Linux® operating system, ensuring superior transaction speed, watertight security and easy development.