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E-Commerce Solutions

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BNA’s complete e-commerce solution offers merchants a PCI compliant, PSD licensed, Global Card Payments Platform, enhanced with the latest technology for global online transactions. BNA connects merchants to our Global Acquiring Network through worldwide Payment Service Providers allowing you to expand your geographical footprint. This ultimately results in business growth and increasing revenue streams for your online business.

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As a web merchant you want to sell your products and/or services to an international market. In order to expand geographically you need to deal with a wide range of banks in different regions, each of which demands a different set of legal, technical and administrative requirements to be integrated into customized business models. With BNA’s complete e-commerce, we take care of these confusing and time consuming demands, so that you can focus on growing your business.


BNA reduces this complexity, by offering you a secure technically innovative full-service model through which you are connected with our global network of payment service providers, ISOs and acquiring banks, which give you access to limitless business opportunities and cross-border growth

  • Short Implementation Cycle
  • One Risk Management Protocol
  • Innovative and Secure Gateway
  • One Authorization Flow
  • Next-Generation (UX) HTML5 Ready, Reporting Interface
  • 150+ Transaction currencies
  • All Regional Card Scheme Settlement Currencies


Our global network of partners providing payment services in the USA, in Europe, Asia and The Pacific enables BNA to act as a trusted advisor in a complex international market space, affected by regional differences in a changing regulatory landscape, requiring compliance and due diligence to mitigate money laundering—and fraud risk.

Our key experts help you optimize interchange rates. We offer you competitive FX Rates and we can offer any combination of authorization/settlement and funding currencies, as offered by the Card Schemes on a single MID, resulting in minimizing the FX exposure.

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BNA offers you 150+ transaction currencies and all regional card settlement currencies, as supported by VISA, MasterCard, and other major card schemes. By engaging with BNA, and our complete e-commerce solution you can safely expand your global footprint in a global market, ultimately leading to business growth through our international acquiring network, which connects an acquiring bank to payment service providers. Our high transaction volume and proven track-rate is testimony to the reliability of our global payment solutions.

For more information and to speak with one of our e-commerce specialists, contact us and start expanding your online business today!