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Online shoppers often abandon items in their shopping carts. The reason is because of complicated checkout processes. Drop off rates for online shoppers using a mobile device can range from 60% to 80%. Think of all the revenue that is lost on poorly designed checkout experiences. A typical checkout experience requires multiple fields to be completed, and in some cases, multiple forms. The customer has made a decision to purchase from you, and by making them jump through hoops, you are essentially restricting their ability to complete the purchase. BNA has simplified this process through our secure, frictionless payment solution.

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BNA Pay Simplified Checkout

no Need to create an account or provide sensitive information

BNA Pay lets your customers shop quickly and easily. When customers choose to pay after delivery, they won’t need to provide credit card details to complete their order. This makes it possible to shop on the go without their wallet.

Instead of paying right away, customers who are eligible can choose to complete a purchase by simply entering a verifiable email address and mobile phone number, and then pay later when it’s more convenient for them. Customers can pay any time in the next 14 days. There’s no need to create an account or provide sensitive information. Since the online shopping experience is simplified and there are fewer steps before finalizing an order, conversion will improve and average order value will increase.

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All Payments

One Solution for

BNA Pay streamlines one solution for all payments, saving you both time and money on administration. Not only do we offer all the major credit card brands, we also accept other popular payment methods. Since we offer an integrated solution, merchants benefit from a streamlined supplier relationship with one point of contact, a go-to customer support team, and one simple payout/settlement. Plus, BNA assumes all customer risk; you can rest assured knowing you’ll get paid in full every time—even if the customer doesn’t pay.


If you are happy with your current supplier, use BNA Pay as a convenient add-on, giving your customers the option to order instantly and pay later.

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Protection Guarantee

Our Customer

Customers who shop with BNA Pay are covered by our Customer Protection Guarantee policy, which means that unless customers are 100% satisfied, they will get a full refund. Our goal is to make online shopping as simple as possible for everyone involved. BNA has created a formula to ensure that everyone is protected on both the merchant level and the customer level. The result is a fast, secure, and fun online shopping experience, which has also proven to increase sales!

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Increased Sales

Sell more online with BNA Pay

BNA Pay is a win-win for merchants and customers alike. With this simple payment solution, your average order value and conversion will increase significantly. On average, merchants see an increase in sales ranging from 30% to 40%.


It pays to have the easiest checkout possible. Removing the complexities of signing up does amazing things for your conversion. The easier you make it for people to buy from you, the more you will sell. Sell more online with BNA Pay.

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Whether you are looking for payment terminals or an eCommerce solution, we can help.

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