A Warm Atmosphere and Personalized Service

nick's steakhouseThe restaurant industry is all about customer service and customer satisfaction, especially if you are a historical landmark such as Nick’s Steakhouse & Pizza in Calgary, Alberta. Home of some of the biggest and best steaks in Calgary, Nick’s has been around since 1979 and continues to bring top quality food and atmosphere to their clientele. With such a great reputation and high standards to maintain, it is important that Nick’s sit down diners, as well as those ordering delivery, have a painless and fun-filled experience. BNA was able to work with Nick’s to continue their legacy.

Take a look at what Nick’s Steakhouse and Pizza had to say about BNA Smart Payments.

Their Problem:

  • Not being able to provide pay-at-table for their customers meant slower turnover rate and less than ideal customer experience
  • Did not provide pay-at-door solution for deliveries
  • Unreliable customer support and customer service from previous provider


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