Merchant Services

BNA offers a variety of point-of-sale solutions that are as diverse as the merchants we work with. Whether you run a spa, an automotive repair shop, online boutique, restaurant delivery or transportation company, BNA can provide a solution to satisfy your specific needs and industry requirements.

Choose from the most popular payment options, including VISA®, MasterCard® and Interac® Direct Payment. Our Chip & PIN ready systems will assist you with meeting the latest regulations and help protect you from fraud.

Specialized Services

BNA’s dedicated team of payment professionals and software engineers deliver smart processing solutions for specific credit, debit, EBT, loyalty, e-purse or e-wallet, stored value and private label processing.

eCommerce and Pay in Your Own Currency

BNA’s Pay in Your Currency service allows Canadian businesses to invoice international customers in their home currency. The ideal solution for an online business that is looking to attract loyal international customers or a hotel that wants to make their customers feel at home, away from home. Pay in Your Currency allows customers to see the cost of their transaction in their chosen currency immediately – no surprises later – while allowing merchants to receive the amount of the transaction in their home currency.

Gift Card Solutions

Did you know that gift card programs can increase sales, strengthen customer loyalty, provide greater brand exposure and security, and provide you with efficient and centralized accounting? Experience the potential that a gift card program can offer with BNA’s support.

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Loyalty Card Solutions

Proven to increase sales and designed to reduce costs and retain revenue in your establishment, the BNA Smart Points E-Gift System is a personalized electronic alternative to cash. The Smart Points System will allow you to easily produce marketing promotions and create brand awareness when your customers carry your personalized card with a “cash” value on it.