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Get-Mobile-What-Mobile-Payments-Can-Do-For-Your-BusinessCountertop terminals are an essential part of any retail business, large or small. However, they do have their limitations, and these limitations can be serious drawbacks for business owners with fast-paced operations. Some of these POS systems are limited by their age, size and speed-- they move slowly and have consistent technical difficulties. Many of the standard countertop terminals are hampered by their lengthy cords, slow processing speed and not to mention there are only so many places that customers can line up to make their purchases.

If you own a business that relies on a bulky, stationary countertop terminal, you may notice these negatives when you hit the holiday season or even on busy weekends. The good news, however, is that there is a way to eliminate these frustrations if you take more card transactions than cash, or check payments. Using a wireless payment system on a mobile device could get rid of the wires and allow you and your workers to move freely around your store or business without being restricted to a specific payment area.

What are the benefits of a mobile payments solution? Here are a few of the advantages your business might see by switching to a wireless payment system, and getting rid of the bulky wired alternative.


1. Better customer service

Being able to process card transactions quickly and from anywhere in the store can get customers on their way much faster. Having an efficient payment solution through a mobile terminal will entice your customers to return to do business again. You can start a line anywhere in the store and use the mobile payment terminals as backups in case a register goes down. If customers need to order an item or sign any documentation, this can also be a way to use that device. When you get rid of unsightly wires hanging down from your register, your customers may think that your establishment looks far more professional and clean than it previously did.

2. Mobility in any place

By processing payments on a tablet or smartphone, you could take your business anywhere. This is especially handy for those in sales or retail who travel to festivals, conventions, or other events. These devices can connect to the internet via WiFi or a data plan, so you'll always be able to process transactions as long as you have a signal. Having mobility to process credit card transactions on the go will change the way your business attracts and maintains your customer base. Also, as today’s ever decreasing cash use, more and more consumers are looking to gain their valued points and miles why using their credit cards. Having a solution that is efficient and easy for accepting credit cards will convert those consumers that may not have any cash, yet want to purchase your item or service.

3. Easy and secure card payments

When your business accepts credit and debit cards rather than simply cash, your customers have the opportunity to spend more. Visa cards, for example, are accepted in over 150 countries by more than 20 million merchants. They account for 52% of all spending volume in the world, followed by MasterCard which has a 32.8% share. By accepting more cards any time and anywhere through a secured wireless payment system, you have more opportunities to make a sale.

Your business is always changing and innovating, so should your payment solutions. Consumers are always looking for a secure and easy way to pay for what they need. Encourage this form of payment through smart and innovative mobile payment solutions.


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Matt Moore

As the President and Co-Founder of BNA Smart Payment Systems, Matt is responsible for the company’s strategic direction, daily operations, and growth. Entrepreneurial by nature, he brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience earned from over 36 years in business. He has developed, implemented, and directed international sales and marketing strategies, established strategic alliances with international companies, and demonstrated leadership in the electronic payments market. Prior to BNA, Matthew served at the senior levels of major EFT/POS companies, helping them increase sales and optimize customer service. Matt is also a father of three, a fitness enthusiast who does power lifting and CrossFit, and he enjoys weekends at the cottage.
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