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ecommerce websiteEvery business that has an eCommerce website wants to drive new sales each month, but it is not always as easy as it seems. Understanding the needs of your customer base, what products or services they like, and being able to provide secure, fast and simple check out processes will help increase your sales almost immediately. I have outlined the top 5 tips to help increase sales to your eCommerce website, to help you navigate through the touch online business market.


Simple Check out

Your customers like to shop on-line for two reasons, it's faster than going to the store and, your products are so unique you can only get them online.  If your products are not unique, if you want to maximize your profits and not be the low-cost provider, you want to maximize your sales by making the check out process as easy as possible.  Simple allow the customer to add the product to their shopping cart, and then be brought directly to the final page where they enter their billing information.  On that page your customer should be able to enter their billing information, hit the submit button and have completed a purchase. This will ensure that your customers will not second guess their purchase, or get frustrated with a lengthy process where they need to open and close a bunch of windows.



Smart Products

Work with your shopping cart and merchant services provider to setup recommended products on your eCommerce website.  So that when someone adds a product to their shopping cart they also receive a message that will explain similar products they may be interested in. This is a great way to upsell your customers, and provide new ideas for product purchases.



Thank You Email

Not only should your recommended products be shown on the check out page they should also be shown in the thank you email that someone receives confirming their purchase, and emailing them a receipt.  Just make sure that 70% of the message content is simply a receipt and the subject line is the confirmation number, or receipt details. You want to stray away from trying to push your products onto your customers, but still provide them with some relevant information regarding your products or services that gives them an opportunity to make a new purchase right away, or down the road. It also shows that you understand what that customer likes, and are trying to provide additional services or products easier.



Loyalty Programs

Setup a program that rewards your most lost loyal repeat customers with discounts, coupons and special exclusive offers.  This will keep them coming back even more and referring their friends to your website. Loyalty programs are a fantastic way to also collect data which will help you customize offers to specific customers. A great and easy way to reward your customers for simply making a purchase through your eCommerce website, and engaging them to hopefully return again the next time.



Promo Codes

Discounts and deals sell.  You should always have promo codes up and live.  You can then offer them to your loyal subscribers via your website, blog, email newsletters, and social media.  Even if the promotional code only provides entry into a contest, or 10% off, all customers want to feel like they are receiving a deal.


Take some time to review these 5 tips, and you will be very happy with the results.  In order to do all of the above you will either need to have a great custom programmer, or a great ecommerce merchant services partner that can give you all of these solutions with your credit card processing account.


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