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online payment processing solutionAs consumers continue to reach for their credit and debit cards to make purchases in store, more and more consumers are reaching for their credit and debit cards to make purchases online. When it comes to online payment processing, consumers are looking for the same type of service that they receive in store. Online payment processing is a simple, efficient transaction process that allows your customer to choose a number of items and pay for them in a quick process through a shopping cart. An integrated online payment processing solution will not only provide your customers with a payment alternative to your brick and mortar location, but the convenience of being able to make a purchase on the go, either through their smart phone or on any tablet or laptop.

Like any other payment processing solution, an integrated payment processing solution provides your business the ability to accept credit and debit cards securely and easily. Providing payment alternatives or payment options for your customers will increase your sales, as well as customer loyalty and service.


1. Security

An integrated online payment processing solution requires an SSL certification that secures and protects customer card data and information. Some websites offer online payment processing through a hosted pay page, but the difference is that the card transaction for that customer happens on a separate pay page, not the website that you chose the products from. Although both are secure in terms of credit card data and information, the difference is the process. With an integrated payment processing solution, the process happens on your website. The customer will choose the products or services that they want, all chosen products and services will be kept in a shopping cart, and once the customer is ready to check out, they would simply press the check out button, or pay button, and the transaction begins instantly, on your website. Typically, you as a merchant are able to create which fields you wish the customer to fill out in order to complete the transaction, aside from the standard card number, name, cv code, address and expiry date. Some fields that merchants choose to include are email address, phone number, industry, etc.


2. Convenience

The convenience of having an integrated payment processing solution is bar none of the biggest benefits to your business. Not only does an integrated solution promote the layout and look of your website shopping experience, but it provides many customer benefits in terms of clarity and efficiency. Unlike a hosted pay page solution, an integrated solution allows you to build the payment gateway into your existing shopping cart, and online store design. Rather than your customers being re-routed to a separate page, the transaction happens in real time, on your website, through your integrated payment processing solution. Customers will be able to easily pick out items, and see which items they are paying for directly on your website during check out making it a simple, and convenient payment process.


3. Online Presence

In today's global market, online shopping is hitting all time highs. Not having an integrated payment processing solution for your website will hinder your revenue stream, and put your business at a disadvantage compared to other businesses that have an online presence. This does not only include an integrated online payment processing solution, it also includes combining social media and online marketing campaigns that speak to your customer base, making your business more familiar with your customers, and allowing them to get to know your products or services. 


Having an integrated online payment processing solution will benefit your business in a number of ways by providing security, convenience and an online presence. All these factors contribute to generate more revenue, maintain and build your customer base, and provide secure payment solutions that give the growing online shopping market an option to purchase your products and services.


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Matt Moore

As the President and Co-Founder of BNA Smart Payment Systems, Matt is responsible for the company’s strategic direction, daily operations, and growth. Entrepreneurial by nature, he brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience earned from over 36 years in business. He has developed, implemented, and directed international sales and marketing strategies, established strategic alliances with international companies, and demonstrated leadership in the electronic payments market. Prior to BNA, Matthew served at the senior levels of major EFT/POS companies, helping them increase sales and optimize customer service. Matt is also a father of three, a fitness enthusiast who does power lifting and CrossFit, and he enjoys weekends at the cottage.
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