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Mobile Payment Terminal: Customer Experience Is Everything

mobile payment terminalOne of the most important things you can do to grow your restaurant is to give you customers the very best in terms of their experience. There is literally a new restaurant springing up every other day and this makes the restaurant industry cut-throat. You should stop at nothing to give your restaurant an edge that will keep the customers coming satisfied and coming back time and again.

There are several things you can do to enhance your customers’ experience. From serving the very best delicacies, having an affordable menu and creating a lovely ambience, there are some basic things that you must do. Another thing that many restaurants are discovering and which you need to incorporate in your own restaurant as well, is the importance of allowing your customers to use mobile payment terminals.


What is Mobile Payment?

Mobile payment is a wireless payment terminal that allows the waiter to accept payments from the restaurant patrons directly without them having to leave their seats, or the waiter having to go swipe the credit card at a different location. In order for a restaurant to take advantage of this form of payment, it is necessary that it has a wireless solution or mobile payment terminal to support it. Through the use of mobile payment terminals, it becomes quick and easy for the customers to make their payments as well as being EMV certified and PCI compliant.

The trend of using mobile payment has been on the rise with many restaurants embracing the technology because of the diverse benefits it offers. The following are the top benefits associated with a restaurant using a mobile payment terminal.


Easy to use

Mobile payment terminal is an easy way of conducting transactions for all the parties involved. For the customer, all it requires is for them to sit back, relax and hand over their credit card to the waiting staff. It is also easy for the waiters to learn how to use this payment method and it makes collection of payment from restaurant patrons simpler and much faster. The management also benefits from such a mode of payment because the point of sale system that is used in most software for mobile payment is similar to the traditional systems and it is thus very easy to train staff on it. It also leads to increased return on investment as it becomes possible to serve many more clients in a day.


Speedy service

It is common in many restaurants to see patrons anxiously waiting for a waiter who appears to have disappeared to return their credit card after they have paid for their meal. Not only is this bad customer service as the patron is kept waiting, but it is bad for the restaurant itself especially during busy times as tables that other customers could have used will still be occupied by customers who already finished their meal and are waiting for their payment to be processed.

This problem is practically eradicated with a mobile payment terminal which allows the entire payment process to be concluded at the customers table. Customers who wish to pay by cash will also benefit because the long queues at the cash register will be virtually eliminated.

Giving your restaurant patrons the very best customer experience is necessary if you want to survive in the competitive restaurant industry. Introducing mobile payment terminals in your restaurant is a simple way to do this as you make it easy for the customer to pay for their meal on the go, something they will much appreciate!

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