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3 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Wireless Payment Terminal

wireless payment terminal restaurantAfter breaking a sweat while adapting your restaurant sales system to a fully automated system, you would be obliged to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. This would not surprise me. It is what most people do. The only problem is that technology would not be doing the same. Innovations come up on a daily basis, hence the need to improve on what you already have in order to stay ahead of the game. Currently, the best payment option in restaurant points of sale would be the wireless payment terminal. A sneak peek at the top three advantages of this system might be enough of an incentive in pushing you over to adopting the solution.

Pay on the go

The first advantage of the wireless payment terminal is evident to restaurants that deliver their food and drinks to doorsteps. With a wireless payment terminal, you can keep track of all your food deliveries from all your delivery persons without having to wait for them to report to a central office and consolidate their bills. This brings flexibility to how your customers pay for their meals and ruling out the need for cash payments or accumulated bills.

The ability to pay from anywhere improves on the versatility of the service delivered which is the root reason as to why room service and home delivery services came into existence. Wireless payment terminals let restaurants extend the quality of this service hence giving them an edge over competitors still stuck to their fixed payment processing systems.



In some cases, people would come to your restaurant and for reasons well known to them would like to stay in the privacy of their booths for the entire time they are there. This would be quite tricky when they wish to process their final bill with their debit or credit cards. In most cases, one of the guests would have to leave the table to pay, or the server would take the card and process the payment somewhere else, with is not PCI or EMV compliant. Security is important, and the only way that as a restaurant owner you can get security nad convenience for guests, is with a EMV certified, PCI compliant wireless payment terminal.

With a wireless payment terminal, your customers can remain at the comfort of their booths, keep their card details to themselves and get to pay their bills from the portable terminals brought to their booths. In this case, the client remains happy and the owner of the restaurant gets the money for the exemplary services delivered.



The final advantage of wireless payment terminal is to the benefit of the restaurant owner. With a wireless payment terminal, there would be no need for postponed bill processing. This is common for most fixed payment terminals where your employees work like intermediaries between the system and the customer. This means that you would have to invest in extra receipts, and time to ensure that all the customers are served appropriately.

The fact that payment is not tallied in real time could be detrimental in decision-making. Take for instance you have a pizza delivery person who is out on deliveries for the whole of the day. Without a wireless terminal, you will have to wait for sundown before accounting for the total amount made in a day. This delays your decision-making or lets you make estimates from stale data, something that definitely would lead to easily avoidable mistakes. For anyone who wants to take control of their restaurant services, the wireless payment terminal is the only way to accept credit card transactions.


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