Welcome to BNA Smart Payments

BNA Smart Payment Systems offers North American businesses a secure alternative to higher cost and less flexible POS transaction automation systems. We provide credit and debit card payment terminals and transaction handling services involving all aspects of POS credit, debit and stored value card processing. Within the last decade, BNA has emerged as a technology leader for secure payment solutions that complement specific industries and business models plus offer your customers the choices they prefer.

Located in Aurora, just north of Toronto, Canada, BNA has certified credit and debit payment applications with more than eight payment processors in North America, serving industries such as automotive, general retail, restaurant, entertainment and professional services. 

Full POS Solutions for Less

BNA provides merchants the latest technology with services that are more cost effective than the solutions currently being used. Our full range of POS solutions includes stand-alone terminals (wired and wireless), integrated solutions, ecommerce, online reporting, as well as easy access to the best hardware and software vendors in the world.


BNA is a leader in the development of secure transactions. Now that Chip & PIN security is here, BNA customers will be equipped to make an easy and affordable transition to Chip & PIN systems.

Powerful Global Alliances

BNA has partnered with industry leaders throughout the merchant services industry. We provide the most secure, efficient and cutting edge terminals with cost effective solutions to fit your business needs.

Providing Personalized Support

Using superior technology, offering customized solutions and comprehensive, personalized service, BNA treats merchants the way they deserve to be treated: with cutting-edge products and responsive customer service and support.

Customizing Solutions for Less

BNA doesn’t try to make the ever-changing needs of merchants fit into a general package. Instead, BNA carefully considers what you want, what your customers prefer, and the requirements you need to meet for safety and security. Then, we design a fully customized, flexible solution for your business.

Offering a Wide Range of Services

BNA’s full range of point-of-sale solutions includes stand-alone terminals (both wired and wireless), integrated software solutions, ecommerce, online reporting, and easy access to the best hardware and software vendors in the world.

Meeting Changing Industry Requirements

BNA is a leader in the development of secure transactions and staying on top of the changing requirements in the payment industry. PCI certified and EMV compliant, our terminals and payment solutions provide the security your business requires. BNA will also work with you to understand your responsibilities as a merchant.